About BMC Bulk

Who We Are

BMC Bulk is a multi-service transportation provider offering hauling and bulk capabilities to the oil and gas, steel, and waste management industries. Headquartered in New Waterford, Ohio, we’ve been running multiple service lanes east of the Mississippi for nearly 30 years. With an organized process, a dedication to safety and a sharp customer focus, BMC Bulk delivers on-time, on-budget solutions. We’re also highly adaptable, responding to industry changes and customer requirements. Reliable, efficient and committed to your success – it’s who we are.

Our Vision

At BMC Bulk, our vision is simple: Achieve excellence every time. Of course, if we attain that vision, there’s nothing simple about the results – for our business and yours. That’s why we’re busy arming ourselves with state-of-the-art equipment, compliance training and a flexible mindset. Not to mention the safest and most focused drivers around.

Our Leadership

A GDX Capital Group company, BMC Bulk is committed to honesty and integrity. Relationships drive our business, and we value communication and accessibility – from our corporate CEO to our area managers to the men and women behind the wheel. We work hard every day to nurture our relationships with customers, vendors and each other.

Craig Stacy, President & CEO

With an aggressive expansion mentality and extensive experience in transportation, Craig Stacy leads our parent company GDX Capital Group, a platform for continued growth in the industry. This puts him at the helm of BMC Bulk, as well as GDS Express and Octane Logistics. Craig has made a career of launching startups across the country and transforming them through smart acquisitions and organic growth. His insight, knowledge and passion are key to BMC Bulk’s success.

Paul Wilson, Vice President

In this role, Paul is responsible for the growth and operational execution of customized transportation solutions for BMC’s customers in the Eastern portion of the United States.

Paul joined BMC Bulk in 2000 as Vice President of Sales. Over time, he went on to hold positions of increasing operational responsibility, including Operations Director and Vice President of Operations. Prior to his current role, Paul was BMC’s Vice President of Transportation, where he was responsible for day-to-day operations, quality assurance and program management. He also led the operations team that supported new and existing customers within the BMC dedicated business segments.

Paul is a graduate of the University of Texas, Austin and holds a BBA in International Business and Marketing. In addition to his leadership duties, Paul enjoys the outdoors and sports-related activities. 

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